Innovative – Fun – Reliable, SnowDog

We are now carrying the innovative, fun and reliable SnowDog!

The SnowDog is a radically different alternative to the snowmobile tailored towards the hunter, trapper or fisherman who wants an affordable, compact and highly versatile snow machine. This beast is capable of maneuvering across ice, snow and land at moderate speeds and some models can easily carry a load of 1000 pounds!

From Northern Ontario to Russia, outdoors enthusiasts are raving about the versatility and affordability of the SnowDog!

The model in this graphic is the B13ME-S-SC with the attached 1450 sled and seat combo. The SnowDog is $4499.00 and the sled and seat accessories are available at an additional cost.

Get yours today from BRS!

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Now Offering the Sudbury Area the Generlink

BRS Battery Ltd is now offering for the Sudbury area the Generlink.It is a 5 inch unit that is installed behind your meter which, when you run out of hydro, you plug your generator in and powers your house. There’s a transfer switch built in that prevents damage when the power comes back on and will not send electricity from your generator to the power lines.

30A Generlink includes unit/surge protection unit, 8000 Briggs and Sratton generator/20′ cord /installation and coordination with Hydro to disconnect/reconnect

All for $3550.50

These will power up basic necessities such as lights, furnace, sump pump, fridge and freezers (30 amp unit not recommended for stove or dryer). Don’t be affected with power failures in the future!

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Now Carrying L.May Mfg Lunchboxes

BRS Battery Ltd has become a distributor of the L.MAY LUNCHBOXES! Built right here in Sudbury! You can come and buy them at the store or order online. We have different sizes and colors as well!

See Available Lunch Boxes

Fall Hours in Effect October 1st

As of October 1st we will be moving into our fall hours which will be; Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm and closed on Saturday & Sunday. If you have any questions feel free to call our store at (705) 855-0473 or send us a message on Facebook.

Sawmill Jobber J100 Model

$1428.57 +Tax

BRS Battery Ltd is now an authorized dealer for Jobber BLC International

  • Components
  • • One guide rail consisting of two 7-foot sections
  • • 2 upright supports which include the adjusters for positioning the log
  • • Adjustable chain saw carriage
  • • Universal chain saw mounting plate (adapts to various models)

  • Characteristics
  • • Only weight 77kg (170lbs)
  • • The standard J100 can handle logs up to 16 inches (40cm) in diameter, and up to 12 feet (3.6m) long.
  • • By adding the available extension pieces, the J100 can handle logs of up to 20 inches (50cm) in diameter, and of an unlimited length.

  • Advantages
  • • Can easily be transported where you want it, by boat, air, ATV, or even snowmobile.
  • • Plate adapter accepts most chain saws.
  • • Assembles in a few minutes.
  • • Solidly built with safety in mind.
  • • Easy to operate.
  • • Precise cutting, as well as specialty cutting.
  • • Huge savings by harversting your own lumber.
  • • Shares the same basic components as our J200 bandsaw mill and can easily be converted.

TRFA01 – Battery Operated Fuel Transfer Pump with Auto Stop and Leak Protection

ONLY $69.99 ea

MartinĀ® Propane Direct-Vent Heaters

Starting at $830.67 ea

Room Thermostat Once set, the temperature remains constant despite thermal variations. The flame adjusts to the temperature of the room, which prevents overheating, gas wastage, and noise pollution.

Installation Kit Allows for better heat flow. The back of the unit is kept at room temperature, which prevents the wall from becoming soiled

No Electricity Required!

Liberty Pumps 441 – Battery Back Up Sump Pump System (1830 GPH @ 10′)

$539.99+ tax

The Octo-Vantage Log

ONLY $15/Box 12 Logs per Box

40-48hrs Burn time

Shape The OCTO-VANTAGE firelog is a octogonal log which facilitates stacking and prevents the firelog from rolling when lit.

Size Diameter:  7.5cm / 3 inches Length:  27cm / 11 inches Weight:  1.37kg and + / 3 lbs + Density:  1000kg / mĀ³ Humidity:  6 to 8%

Heat Output  23,100 BTU per log (7,700 BTU per pound lbs)

Burning Time  up to 4 hours depending on burning unit, almost creosote free

Packaging in boxes of 12 firelogs at no extra charge, this prevents damaging the logs and keeps them dry until you are ready to burn.

Use this firelog can be used in any type of fireplace, insert, slow combustion stove, etc… can also be used indoor and outdoor for camping or BBQ for cooking

The Octo-Vantage Log

Makita Power Tools And Outdoor Power Equipment Dealer

It is official!!!  In 2016 BRS Battery Ltd is now a Makita power tools and outdoor power equipment dealer/service and warranty center.  Please visit our New Power tools tab to see our complete in stock line up. Also click on our suppliers link and visit the full Makita line up.


Welcome to BRS!

Welcome to our new website! Feel free to browse and let us know what you think! Have any questions contact us at anytime. Andy Mainville.