55″ OF ULTIMATE COMFORT, REACH AND CONTROL. IF YOU LIKE TO WORK A FIRE AND SHOW OFF IN FRONT OF YOUR FRIENDS, THEN THIS IS THE MODEL FOR YOU. The WARDEN Grapole can pick up those larger logs right down to those semi-burnt twigs on the ground. Heck, it’ll even pick up those carelessly tossed bottle caps your friends throw around! Have you ever tried to burn clean-up brush from around your property? Pretty hard on the back. The Warden will eat this stuff up like a brood of beavers. Don’t limit the Grapole to the firepit. It will absolutely come in handy during an out-of-reach scenario. Under your direct supervision; let your older children ‘play’ with the fire knowing they are at a safe distance. The Grapole loves your modest campfire but watch it work an aggressive burn.